COVID-19 Education and Outreach Program 

El Concilio Family Service COVID19 Community Empowerment Education and Outreach Project, promotes high quality engagement with education /outreach to ensure that the immigrant population,  of predominantly Latino descent, low-income and underserved agriculture, and service sector workers,  are informed and empowered on COVID19  resources for the purpose of changing behavior for slowing the spread of the pandemic. 

Empowering, educating, and connecting this targeted population plays a key role in ensuring that these low-income families understand their important role in supporting this community to combat this pandemic. We all have apart to play.  By doing so they will be more engaged and positioned to be greater integrated into the community, becoming more self-sufficient, and thus greater contributors to our community. Our Covid 19 Education and Outreach efforts along with other community partners were featured in California Department of Health Services VA58 campaign Newsletter. 


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